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Insurance is a risky business and for those in the legal profession having the right coverage is critical for any firm’s survival. The right policy is not limited to the amount of coverage but understanding and selecting the best possible options to protect your legal clients against malpractice. At ProLawyer Insurance, LLC, we specialize in Lawyers Professional Liability insurance. It is all we do.

Single Focus. One Audience.

Unlike many insurance wholesalers, ProLawyer has a single focus and one audience. We service only insurance brokers and this concentration affords our clients the highest level of service and product expertise. Brokers not only receive well-suited Lawyers Professional Liability coverage, but they are also assured no competing client interest. You are our client; attorneys are your clients. We keep it that way.

Distinguished Products. Distinctive Approach.

ProLawyer is licensed to sell insurance in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York. Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience with Professional Liability coverage including standard and high-risk market options.

Licensed In DE, DC, MD, NJ, PA & VA

LPL Products

For most law firm clients, it is not if they need Lawyers Professional Liability coverage but which policy is right for them. The coverage options, which help protect law firms from costly legal malpractice lawsuits and suits involving client billings, can vary greatly. A sole practitioner will have different needs than a large practice. Firms specializing in high-risk areas or have prior claims experience may require surplus lines while others will find standard policies to be suitable.

At ProLawyer Insurance, LLC, we specialize in Lawyers Professional Liability insurance and have carefully selected a core line of standard and surplus products to provide our broker partners high-quality policy options for legal clientele. But, we do not sell the products in isolation or right off a shelf. The ProLawyer team applies decades of experience to understand firms’ unique needs and consult with brokers from the initial policy through subsequent annual renewals.

“ProLawyer provides my agency with superior Lawyers Professional Liability product knowledge and expertise. This coupled with their excellent service has allowed my agency to help existing clients and expand our client base significantly.”

Chris Volk


“As an experienced retail broker interacting daily with law firms to ensure proper policy placement, it is imperative that the program administrator is knowledgeable and equally motivated to do the same. Ashley has the determination, skill, and efficiency when evaluating each risk. She is consistent, extremely pleasant to work with, and is open to the specific requests that vary from each client.”

Eric Benner


“Ian Massaro and ProLawyer Insurance LLC have been a valuable resource to Jimcor Agencies. Ian’s dedication and understanding of the Lawyer’s Professional Liability marketplace have enabled us to place some difficult accounts with excellent terms and pricing. Through this relationship, our brokers have been able to raise the level of expertise we provide when placing lawyers’ professional coverage. The professionalism and consistently superior service of ProLawyer are second to none.”

Joe Schneider